Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notes from the Chair

Reflection and projection
As we come to the end of one trip around the sun, and the beginning of another, I want to offer a few thoughts and observations.

We had some wonderful tastings in 2013, and are looking forward to more and better ones in the coming year.  The Holiday party was great, and thanks go to our Regional Vice President, Rich Ryba, and our own Co-Program Director Leeana Ryba for all of the efforts that they put into that event.  The raffle at the party raised $316 which was pledged to the Alexis Descaunets Hartung Fund for the AWSEF.

The first of our chapter’s wine raffles went very well, and we’re hoping to continue that feature at the tastings in 2014.  Large format bottles have a unique aspect.  They tend to promote one of the best things about a bottle of wine, and that is sharing it with friends.

I hope that you find some time over the holidays to share a large bottle with family and friends, or even several small bottles!  That “special” occasion is now. Happy Holidays!

Come to Firelands!

Participants at the National Conference in November carried home cases of these award winning wines. Now we can taste them in PA!

If you missed the conference, you can now enjoy the wines as declared by the U.S. Government to be specific viticultural area. Wines have been made on the southern shore of Lake Erie near Sandusky since 1880. Firelands was a sponsor of the 2013 Sandusky Conference and their wine maker conducted one of the sessions.


Make your reservations EARLY!

Members: $20 Guests: $25

RSVP by January 1, 2014 to:


Kathleen Simpson - 412-657-1861

Make checks out to AWS and mail to:

Dr. Dennis Trumble 1302 Arch St. Pittsburgh PA 15212

Remember the meeting will be on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8th at 7:00pm in Ross Township, at the Evergreen Community Park, 3430 Evergreen Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A change is gonna come!

We’re moving!

After many happy years at the Knights of Equity in Millvale, we’re moving our tastings to a new location.  We’re now going to meet at the Evergreen Community Park in the North Hills.  The new location is roughly six miles from the Knights of Equity building, and takes about 11 minutes to drive from there (at posted speed limits!).

The new venue is very attractive, has plenty of parking (off street) and it’s right next to a lake!  Our next tasting will take place at this new location.  The address and a link are below.  For some GPS units, it will be listed as Ross Community Park, but it’s the same place.

We are also changing the day of our tastings.  Due to scheduling conflicts with a Karate group, we will now be meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. (You don’t want to anger a Karate group!)  There will be further details in the next posting, but we wanted to get the information to you so that you can adjust your calendars.  Mark them for January 8, 2014! 

Evergreen Community Park, 3430 Evergreen Rd, Pittsburgh, PA15237