Wednesday, March 4, 2015


It’s the Olympics of wine tasting –an intense battle of the palettes—and a tradition of ours since the late forties.  It’s the Pros vs. Joes Professional/Amateur Wine Tasting.

On Wednesday, March 11, at 7:00 PM., wine quaffers from around the Pittsburgh area will gather at the Evergreen Community Center to test their taste buds with a selection of wines produced by amateurs and professional winemakers.  (Amateurs are defined as not having worked in the wine industry.)

The event begins with all participants rolling up their sleeves and preparing their noses and tongues for the test.   Three of our award winning winemakers will match their products against three professional wines.  There will be three flights of blind tasting for you to enjoy – a white, rosé and red.


We will taste six wines during the meeting.  If you have not yet received your six wine glasses and carry bag, we will have them for you that evening.

The cost for members is $20 and the cost for guests is $25.

Please reply before March 9 to:

Or you may reply to Kathleen Simpson at 412-657-1861

Mail your check, payable to AWS to:
Dr. Dennis Trumble
1302 Arch St
Pittsburgh PA  15212

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