Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For Richer or Poorer

Try this experiment: Walk into the nearest State Store and ask for an “everyday wine”. Refuse to give a price range and see what they suggest. My guess is you’ll be out 15 bucks. Critics seem to be pushing that price as an appropriate range for “everyday wine”, even though the phrase can’t possibly be taken literally. If you and your significant other were to drink five bottles of wine a week, at $15 per bottle, your annual wine outlay would approach $4,000. That’s more than the average family spends on groceries.

Our next tasting will be an experiment, too. It's a version of a blind taste test that's been replicated in various circles the world over. It’s one that's based on the assumption that expensive wine actually tastes better than cheap wine. In one legendary switch, a fledgling California wine entered a blind tasting against wines crafted by storied French Bordeaux producers and came out on top.  They called it “The Judgement of Paris” and even made a movie based on the story, “Bottle Shock”.  Clearly, when it comes to wine, one's perception comes into play.

Join us for a tasting of three Chardonnays and three Merlots.  We’re going to have some fun trying to figure out which is the most, and least, expensive.  There will be two flights of three wines each.  (Don’t worry.  We’re not having any Mad Dog!)

We begin at 7:00 PM at the Evergreen Community Center.  Check the website for directions.


We will taste six wines during the meeting.  If you have not yet received your six wine glasses and carry bag, we will have them for you that evening.

The cost for members is $30 and the cost for guests is $35.

Please reply before April 4 to:

Or you may reply to Kathleen Simpson at 412-657-1861

Mail your check, payable to AWS to:

Dr. Dennis Trumble
1302 Arch St
Pittsburgh PA  15212

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