Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The 2015 American Wine Society National Tasting Project

The 2015 American Wine Society National Tasting Project

Wines of Austria and Hungary

The wines of Austria sound like German wines; look like German wines; come in bottles that we associate with German wines; and are often made of grapes that Germans use for their wines. But across the board, the wines of Austria are as unlike German wines as any wines could be. 
When it comes to Hungarian wines, it's Tokaji that comes to most minds first. However there is much more to be discovered.  Did you know that the "nectar" from the grapes of Tokaj is mentioned in the national anthem of Hungary?  Hungary is also known for its "Bull's Blood," (BikavĂ©r in Hungarian).

Join us on Wednesday, September 16, at 7:00 for a tasting of the wines of Austria and Hungary, as part of the AWS National Tasting Project.  For this adventure through a little known part of Europe, our expert guide will be Barbara Johns, with her Faithful Companion Jeff Wagner.

What is The National Tasting Project?

The NTP is a wine education and tasting opportunity for AWS Chapters across the US.   Each year the NTP committee chooses a theme and selects several widely available wines that show different styles within the theme.  Chapters hold tastings to sample the wines and then see how their ratings compare to other AWS chapters.


The cost for members is $20.  The cost for guests is $25.

Please reply before September 9 to:  aws.pittsburgh@gmail.com

Or you may reply to Kathleen Simpson at 412-657-1861

Mail your check, payable to AWS to:
Dr. Dennis Trumble
1302 Arch St
Pittsburgh PA  15212

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